Thanksgiving - Pilgrim and Indian Handprint Art

During the month of November we begin to talk about Fall, Thanksgiving, and visiting family. I wanted the children to make a displayable card or a place mat to take home to their family.
I decided to make the face of a Pilgrim and an Indian using each child's hand print.

Place the colors you want to use for the Indian's feathers on their fingers and a brown dividing line just under the fingers. Use a cream color on the palm of the hand for the face of the Indian. Do not put any paint on the thumb.

For the pilgrim, we painted the fingers with black paint and cream color again for the palm of the hand. No paint on the thumb.

After they dry add some eyes, mouth, hair, and other features to complete the look of their faces.

Glue a white rectangle with cut out in the middle for the pilgrim's hat. You can finish it off by writing the child's name and year. Maybe a quote of what the child is thankful for. If the child is a little older they can write their own name and year on it.