Arts and Crafts Time: Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

During circle time we have been talking about animals that live in the ocean and reading books about many sea creatures. We decided to collect some toilet paper rolls and have the children have fun by making them into octopuses.

Toilet paper roll octopus is a fun art project that is part art and part project. In other words, the toddler gets to express their creativity and also learn about following simple directions and doing things step by step to achieve a finished art creation.

 Materials you will need:
Toilet paper roll
Tissue paper (different colors)
Paper towel

  • Have pieces of tissue paper already cut in little pieces for them for their first step.
  • Put glue on the toilet paper roll and have the child glue the pieces on it any way they want and any colors they want. Let them be creative and use their imagination.

Let the child know that it needs to dry until the next day and then they can turn it into an octopus. 

  •  Your next job as a parent or teacher is to apply Mod Podge over the whole roll. You can buy Mod Podge at arts and crafts stores or, my favorite, you can make your own. Let it dry over night. This will flatten and seal all the tissue paper they have glued on the roll.
For the easiest Mod Podge recipe visit:

After it has dried you need to cut strips half way through the toilet paper roll into 8 tentacles.

  • The toddler is now ready to glue Cheerios on all tentacles.

  • Put a paper towel inside a small piece of tissue paper and slide it from the bottom of the octopus to the top until it looks like its head. You can put a little piece of tape inside to hold it still.
  • They can put eye stickers, googlie eyes, or draw their own.
  • Draw a smile on it, let the glue dry completely and it's done. Your toddler made a colorful and cool looking octopus!
octopus art